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Congrats! to All Presenters in the 2016 Contest!

It goes without saying that all of the presentations were excellent and that all the presenters deserve our sincere appreciation and highest praise for their tremendous efforts. Thank you to all Hanyang University students who participated! We must also express gratitude to all staff and faculty members who supported the students, as well as Dr. Jeong and Dr. Lee who provided their expert leadership and inspiration.

Teachable Moments 🙂

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we were able to edit the best sound and video clips from four outstanding presentations and put together this collection of “teachable moments” with high definition video and clear audio: 

To see all 10 of the raw, unedited videos, click here

Plan Ahead for the 2017 Contest

The poster from the 2016 contest is posted below to provide students with some general information about how the contests are usually run. Although there are no guarantees that future contests will be exactly the same as 2016’s, it is safe to assume that there will probably be a number of similarities and that you can plan accordingly.

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